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Inspired Choice

In the realm of cocktail and spirits, a captivating rebranding initiative has unfolded, featuring redesigned bottle labels that radiate energy and style.






Type of Work


Bursting with dynamic flair, the labels seamlessly blend contemporary aesthetics with a touch of sophistication, creating a visual language that mirrors the vivacious spirit of the beverages and the expertise embedded in mixology education. These revamped bottle labels not only encapsulate the quality of meticulously crafted spirits but also serve as a stylish companion to elevate any drinking experience.

As a brand dedicated to the art of cocktail and spirit production, this journey extends beyond the visual realm. The ethos of this brand lies in fostering a vibrant community, passionate about sharing the art of mixology through education and innovation. The commitment to quality and style is not merely showcased in the reimagined bottle designs but is deeply embedded in the brand's DNA. Join this brand in celebrating the fusion of craftsmanship, style, and the spirited world of cocktails. Cheers to an elevated experience with a revitalized brand that embodies the artistry of mixology.

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