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For the branding project of Pera Roasting Co, a coffee brand, we created a logotype featuring a handwritten font and a distinctive deer mascot wearing a lumberjack shirt.







Type of Work




The color palette is predominantly earthy browns, which creates a warm and natural ambiance. The handcrafted logotype conveys a personal touch and attention to detail, while the playful and friendly mascot adds a touch of character to the brand. This branding approach effectively captures the essence of Pera Roasting Co as a personable and quality-focused coffee brand with a strong emphasis on craftmanship.

To ensure that the branding strategy aligns with the company's goals, I conducted market research and analyzed the brand's target audience. Through this process, I discovered that Pera Roasting Co's customers value authenticity, quality, and a personal touch. Therefore, I focused on creating a brand identity that emphasizes these key attributes. The logotype's custom handwritten font and the playful mascot convey the brand's artisanal approach and friendly personality, while the earthy color palette and natural materials used in the packaging and website design create a warm and authentic feel. This branding strategy resonates well with Pera Roasting Co's target audience, making it more likely for them to develop a long-term relationship with the brand.

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