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Circle’s distinct logomark, thoughtfully designed with a philosophy centered around blending people, flavors, and spirits, adds an extra layer of meaning to the overall experience. 






Type of Work


This logomark, crafted with natural lines, illustrates two individuals embracing when viewed from above, symbolizing the essence of mixing souls. It perfectly encapsulates the concept of harmonizing diverse elements, embodying the spirit of Circle as a place where connections are forged, and unique blends come to life.

Circle is a captivating cocktail bar and restaurant, boasts a contemporary aesthetic with sleek, modern lines. The ambiance is defined by metallic textures that add a touch of sophistication, creating a visually stunning experience. The interior is a harmonious blend of black and white, reflecting a minimalist yet elegant design. The Circle offers a unique and chic setting, inviting patrons to savor culinary delights and expertly crafted cocktails amidst a stylish and refined atmosphere.

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